Seven Deadly Sins


  • Luís Tinoco Accordion Concerto (UK premiere)
  • Weill The Seven Deadly Sins


  • Edward Gardner conductor
  • João Barradas accordion
  • Danielle de Niese Anna
  • Ross Ramgobin Brother
  • Callum Thorpe Mother
  • Zwakele Tshabalala Father
  • Amar Muchhala Brother

Pride is for the wealthy, and in an economic crunch there’s only one way for a girl to get ahead.

Bertolt Brecht knew that back in 1933, and Kurt Weill set it to music that stings even while it slips tune after fabulously sleazy tune into your unresisting ears. Social comment has never been so shameless. Soprano extraordinaire Danielle de Niese stars in The Seven Deadly Sins, and accordion sensation João Barradas shows that no instrument is so humble that it can’t burn the house down, as Edward Gardner and the LPO head to Battersea Arts Centre for these two performances to liberate The Music in You.

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All performances will be Relaxed. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and move around if you need to and if you need to leave the performance at any point you will be allowed to return to the space when you feel ready.

Wed 13 Mar 2024, 6.30pm

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Wed 13 Mar 2024, 8.15pm

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Battersea Arts Centre

Tickets £18 - £30


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