49. Lord of the Rings

YolanDa Brown joins film composer Howard Shore (down the line in New York), the LPO’s principal percussionist Andy Barclay and principal trumpet player Paul Beniston to find out how Howard approached writing the music for Lord of the Rings, and gets an insight into what it was like to play from Andy and Paul.

Back in 2001, the LPO recorded the music for the first Lord of the Rings film: The Fellowship of the Ring. At that time, they didn’t know what a legendary recording it would become.

From Howard’s late night writing sessions in hotel rooms in Watford, to his favoured techniques (manuscript paper and pencil), and ability to write perfectly for individual players in the LPO, this is an insight into his process and also the music of the LOTR Trilogy.

Plus, Paul and Andy take us into the world of the recording studio, and discuss their favourite moments in the score.

Produced by Tandem Productions for the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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