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Here you can download materials for promoting the London Philharmonic Orchestra's concerts and engagements.

All programmes for concerts featuring the LPO should include the LPO logo, current LPO biography & leadership credits, and – if space allows – LPO player list.

These materials are available to download below. Please contact Publications Manager Rachel Williams for a player list specific to your event.


Proofs of all materials must be sent to the LPO for approval in advance (please allow 5 working days). Please send proofs to Publications Manager, Rachel Williams.

Rachel Williams

[email protected]

Please note: our logos were updated in spring 2022. Please delete any older versions you may have on file.

Our logo pack contains black, pink and white versions of the logo, all in 1-line, 2-line and 3-line layouts and in both CMYK and RGB for print and screen use.

Logo pack

You can download the Orchestra’s current biography in two different styles (relaxed and formal) and various lengths.

Please do not edit these texts. If you need a different length, please contact Rachel Williams.

All LPO programmes should also include our leadership credits. Please click here for an example of how a programme title page could look. Please note prominent LPO logo, leadership credits and equal billing for soloist(s) and conductor.

Biography downloads


Preferred relaxed version – please use one of these if possible:

LPO bio 2023/2024: full-length

LPO bio 2023/2024: short

Formal version: 

LPO bio 2023/24 – 593 words

LPO bio 2023/24 – 367 words

LPO bio 2023/24 – 244 words

LPO bio 2023/24 – 163 words

  • Please credit the relevant photographers where indicated in the filename.
  • Please ensure that any conductor in your chosen photo (indicated in the filename) reflects the conductor appearing in your concert.

High-resolution photo pack

Promotional LPO video content is available on request. Our Digital Creative, Greg Felton, will be happy to help – please email [email protected] including as much information as possible about what you need and its intended use.

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