Who’s Who

Did you know that we have some of the best musicians from around the world in our Orchestra, representing over 14 different nationalities? Many of our multi-talented players also teach, perform chamber music, and appear as soloists, alongside their orchestral careers.

Our artistic team is world-renowned and excited to be working together in our mission to share the wonder of orchestral music as widely as possible.

Titled artists

  • Benjamin Mellefont

    Principal Clarinet

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  • Thomas Watmough

    Principal E-flat Clarinet

    Chair supported by Roger Greenwood

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  • Paul Richards

    Principal Bass Clarinet

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  • Jonathan Davies

    Principal Bassoon

    Chair supported by Sir Simon Robey

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  • Simon Estell

    Principal Contrabassoon

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  • Mark Templeton

    Principal Trombone

    Chair supported by William and Alex de Winton

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  • David Whitehouse


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  • Lyndon Meredith

    Principal Bass Trombone

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  • Simon Carrington

    Principal Timpani

    Chair supported by Victoria Robey OBE

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  • Andrew Barclay

    Principal Percussion

    Chair supported by Gill & Garf Collins

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  • Karen Hutt

    Sub-Principal Percussion

    Chair supported by Mr B C Fairhall

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