Alice Munday


Alice started playing the oboe at the age of eleven. She chose the oboe as she was in search of a more 'sociable' instrument while she was learning the piano... little did she know that the sound produced when learning the oboe as a beginner had quite the opposite effect.

However, after much practice things improved and Alice arrived at Trinity College of Music in 1998, studying with Tess Miller and Jo Lively. During her time there she took a year out from her studies to take up the position of Sub-Principal Oboe/Principal Cor Anglais in the National Orchestra of Malta. Whilst the relaxed way of life, regular sunshine and a great tan was very attractive to Alice, she returned to the UK in 2002 to finish her degree at Trinity.

She subsequently went on to study at the Royal Academy of Music as a postgraduate with Chris Cowie, Celia Nicklin, Dougie Boyd and Jonathan Kelly. On leaving the Academy, Alice was appointed Sub-Principal Oboe at the BBC Philharmonic, where she enjoyed her time there immensely. She then joined the LPO as Sub-Principal Oboe in 2015. Alice likes to run in her free time and is a keen skier.

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