For this composition project, we invite you to create music for an extract from a piece of choreography called ‘Stronghold’, performed by a trio of dancers from Visual Poets, a hip hop dance crew based in Brighton.

‘Stronghold’ by Visual Poets

In the video below, we offer some tips and advice for approaching the brief. Watch for some guidance and pointers as you begin composing. Musical responses to the brief can be found in the remaining videos in the playlist.


You can also download some written guidance, including further information about the choreography and ideas for approaching the project, in our useful links below.

Composition Project: 'Stronghold' - Written Guidance

Send us your compositions!

What did you come up with? We would love to hear your compositions, to sync to the scene and including on this webpage. For this, you can use any instrument(s) or software available to you, and compose in any style you wish. If you would like your music to be featured on this page, send your compositions (by email or file transfer) as audio files. Please include your name, the names of anyone else playing on the track, your age and school/college if relevant, and any comments about the piece that you'd like to share.

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