Foley is the art of adding sound to moving picture, including real or exaggerated sounds of the action, sound effects and atmospheric noise. It also offers a great way in for composers to play with putting sound to picture, that could inform or develop into musical soundtrack composition.

In this brief, we invite young composers to add sound (realistic or extreme!) to a silent clip of comic actor Buster Keaton, using household objects, voices, electronic sounds or instruments. Film composer Alex Harwood offers guidance on how to approach the brief in videos 2 and 3 in the playlist.

Explore more:

  • For tips on how to approach the brief, watch Alex Harwood’s guidance videos (videos 2 and 3 in the playlist).
  • There are some excellent videos online that demonstrate professional foley artists at work. Check out the useful links below for some extra insights
  • What did you come up with? We would love to hear your foley audio, to sync to the film and include in our video playlist. If you would like your music to be featured, send your audio (by email or file transfer) to [email protected] including your name, the names of anyone else playing on your track, your age/school/college if relevant and any comments about your piece you’d like to share

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