Greatest Musical Works for Dance

Throughout the history of performance, developments in music and dance have been inseparable. From the theatrical pagan festivals of the Ancient Greeks, to the extravagant Masques of the 17th century European courts; from the great collaborations between Tchaikovsky and Marius Petipa in Imperial Russia, to the extraordinary artistic output of the Ballet Russes and their collaborators, much of our most famous and beloved music was originally composed for dance.

What makes music good to dance to? Which composers create the best music for dance? Find out what our expert composers think in the videos below. Perhaps you might get some ideas for your own composition for dance!

Shirley J Thompson

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Mark Bowden

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Mark Bowden on Igor Stravinsky

Both Shirley and Mark highlighted Igor Stravinsky as one of the greatest composers for dance of all time. To hear more about why his music has been so powerful and influential for dancers, hear Mark share his insights into what makes Stravinsky so unique.

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