In the video above, composer, teacher and researcher Dr Steven Berryman discusses how a composer might approach writing music for a chase scene in a spy movie.

Steven offers tips and questions to consider if composing to this brief, or when composing for any dramatic film or narrative in general. Musical examples are performed by a string quartet formed from members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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• If you’d like to practise composing for film, take a look at our creative briefs in the Watch Listen Learn area of the LPO website. There are plenty of film clips to try out

Film Creative Briefs on The Studio Film page. Each Creative Brief playlist contains a short, silent clip to be composed to, a “How to approach the Brief” guidance video from professional film composer Alex Harwood, and material created by young composers in response to the Briefs.

• There are more Creative Briefs to be found on our Dance and The Stage pages, where students can compose for silent choreography or to theatre scenes.

• What did you come up with? We would love to showcase your compositions. You can send your video or audio clips to [email protected]

• You can find out more about the film music industry by watching videos in our Film Music – The Industry playlist


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