Using this playlist and guidance, we invite young composers to create music for a scene from Shakespeare’s King Lear. In the first video in the playlist the scene is performed by three actors, for you to use as the basis for your music. In the second video professional theatre composer Simon Slater discusses the scene and gives some pointers on how to approach it musically.

To help plan your composition’s structure and mood, download the full text of the scene using the useful link below

What did you come up with? We would love to hear your compositions, to sync to the scene and include in our video playlist. For this, you can use any instruments(s) or software available to you, and compose in any style you wish.

If you would like your music to be featured on the playlist, send your compositions (by email or file transfer) as audio files to [email protected] including your name, the names of anyone else playing on your track, your age/school/college if relevant and any comments about your piece you’d like to share

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