Using the video playlist above, we invite you to create music for a scene called “The Secret”, from Caryl Churchill’s play Love and Information.

The playwright presents the script with no indication at all about who the characters are, where the action takes place, what’s happened so far, or what the secret is. Our two actors have performed two versions of the scene: one serious (version 1) and one light-hearted (version 2).

Using guidance from composer Simon Slater in the third video in the playlist, we invite you to create music for either or both interpretations of the scene.

Full text of the scene is available in the book Love and Information, copyright Caryl Churchill 2012, published by Nick Hern Books

What did you come up with? We would love to hear your compositions, to sync to the scene and include in our video playlist. For this, you can use any instruments(s) or software available to you, and compose in any style you wish. Email [email protected] with any compositions

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