Image China: East Meets West Concert


  • Wang Xilin The Torch Festival from ‘Symphonic Poem of Yunnan’
  • Elgar Cockaigne Overture
  • John Brunning Guitar Concerto Magna Carta – III. Intense and energetic
  • Arr. Fu Renchang Guitar Concerto: A Lovely Rose
  • Tan Dun Internet Symphony ‘Eroica’
  • Zhao Jiping Violin Concerto No. 1*
  • Zhou Tian Gift


  • Qian Junping conductor
  • Ning Feng violin
  • Yang Xuefei guitar

Maestro Qian Junping leads the London Philharmonic Orchestra at this Image China Concert with featured prize-winning soloists Ning Feng and Yang Xuefei.

The programme features celebrated and ground-breaking works by acclaimed Chinese composers Chen Qigang, Tan Dun, Wang Xilin, Zhou Tian, and Fu Renchang alongside Western composers Edward Elgar and John Brunning.

World-renowned soloists Ning Feng and Yang Xuefei take centre stage for contemporary concerti: Zhao Jiping’s First Violin Concerto and two guitar concertos, respectively. Those works incorporate traditional Chinese sounds scored for Western symphony orchestra and Western solo instruments, resulting in modern East-meets-West sonic experiences.

This concert is produced by China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd (CAEG) and is part of CAEG’s Image China cultural exchange initiative, which seeks to introduce traditional and contemporary Chinese performing arts to audiences around the world.

(*change to previously advertised programme)

Thu 13 Apr 2023, 7.30pm

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Tickets £15 - £125

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