Marquee TV: Canellakis conducts Brahms



  • Karina Canellakis conductor
  • Pablo Ferrández cello

Do not go gentle into that good night: Brahms’s last symphony begins softly, but as he approaches the end of a lifetime’s struggle, he strides fearlessly into the raging storm.

Shostakovich’s First Cello Concerto, meanwhile, is a questioning voice from an age of tyranny: tense, urgent and utterly uncompromising, it’s one of 20th-century music’s ultimate thrillers. With a soloist as committed as Pablo Ferrández, this is edge-of-the-seat stuff: just as you’d expect when LPO Principal Guest Conductor Karina Canellakis tackles music that asks big questions, and offers honest answers.

New release coming to Marquee TV on 23 March 2024. The concert will be free to stream for 48 hours and will then be added to the LPO catalogue, available to Marquee TV subscribers.

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