Marquee TV: Don Quixote Rides Again



  • Vladimir Jurowski conductor
  • Kristina Blaumane cello†
  • Richard Waters viola‡

Poor old Don Quixote has lost his mind, and wearing rusty armour, he mounts his nag and rides forth on the daftest possible quest.

Ever since 1605, when Cervantes’s tragicomic hero first rode out in search of his impossible dream, the figure of Don Quixote has inspired artists, idealists and – naturally – composers. Tonight, LPO Conductor Emeritus Vladimir Jurowski presents Richard Strauss’s spectacular, symphonic retelling: complete with sorcerers, knights, windmills that look like giants and a whole flock of bleating sheep. But first, we open with one of the most well-known pieces in history: Mozart’s dark and stormy Symphony No. 40.

† Chair supported by Bianca and Stuart Roden
‡ Chair supported by Caroline, Jamie & Zander Sharp

Sat 3 Jun 2023, 7.00pm

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