Mahler Symphonies – Live in Concert


© 2015 London Philharmonic Orchestra Ltd.

℗ 2006 (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; S1), 2009 (S6), 2011 (S8), 2015
(S2, 1981) BBC; 2010 London Philharmonic Orchestra Ltd. (S2, 1989).

Recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, London, on 26 September 1991
(Leider eines fahrenden Gesellen), 12 February 1985 (S1), 20 February 1989
(S2 CDs 2–3), 10 May 1981 (S2, CDs 4–5), 27 January 1991 (S8); and at the
Royal Albert Hall London, on 22 August 1983 (S6).

Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen and Symphonies 1, 2 (1981), 6 and 8 were
recorded by the BBC.

Total playing time: 07:08:00

Weight: 316g

Released November 2015

CD: Mahler Symphonies – Live in Concert

9-disc box set

Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen (Songs of a Wayfarer) (Recorded 1991)
Symphony No. 1 in D major (Recorded 1985)
Symphony No. 2 in C minor ‘Resurrection’ (Recorded 1989)
Symphony No. 2 in C minor ‘Resurrection’ (Recorded 1981)
Symphony No. 6 in A minor (Recorded 1983)
Symphony No. 8 in E flat major (Recorded 1991)  

Klaus Tennstedt conductor
London Philharmonic Orchestra
David Nolan leader

Thomas Hampson baritone (Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen)
Yvonne Kenny soprano (Symphony No. 2, 1989 recording)
Jard van Nes mezzo soprano (Symphony No. 2, 1989 recording)
Heather Harper soprano (Symphony No. 2, 1981 recording)
Doris Soffel mezzo soprano (Symphony No. 2, 1981 recording)
Júlia Várady soprano; Magna Peccatrix (Symphony No. 8)
Jane Eaglen soprano; Una Poenitentium (Symphony No. 8)
Susan Bullock soprano; Mater Gloriosa (Symphony No. 8)
Trudeliese Schmidt alto; Mulier Samaritana (Symphony No. 8)
Jadwiga Rappé alto; Maria Aegyptiaca (Symphony No. 8)
Kenneth Riegel tenor; Doctor Marianus (Symphony No. 8)
Eike Wilm Schulte baritone; Pater Ecstaticus (Symphony No. 8)
Hans Sotin bass; Pater Profundus (Symphony No. 8)
London Philharmonic Choir (Symphony No. 2, Symphony No. 8)
Eton College Chapel Choir (Symphony No. 8)
London Symphony Chorus (Symphony No. 8)  

A set of live recordings of the London Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Klaus Tennstedt.

This boxed set documents the extraordinary relationship between Klaus Tennstedt and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which was characterised by life-affirming concerts and a genuine connection between musicians, conductor and audience.

Tennstedt’s particular affinity with Mahler’s works is on display in these live concert recordings of some of the mightiest symphonies in the repertoire. For Tennstedt, Mahler’s works could only be approached with an acknowledgement and experience of life’s hardships, and this was always apparent in his performances.

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