Appalachian Spring Answer Sheet

Thank you for joining us for our latest FUNharmonics concert at the Southbank Centre!

We hope you had a fantastic time. Here are the answers for our Appalachian Spring activity sheet.

Pennsylvania Puzzler

The story of Appalachian Spring is set in Pennsylvania, a state in the north of the USA. We’ve found some fun facts about Pennsylvania, but can you tell which are true and which are made up?

  1. The first piano in America was built in Pennsylvania. True!
  2. One of the cities in Pennsylvania is the chocolate capital of the USA. True!
  3. The state is called Pennsylvania because they make a lot of pencils. False!
  4. The smiley face emoji was invented in Pennsylvania. True!
  5. Pennsylvania is home to lots of brown bears. False!


Star-Spangled Search
Can you complete this wordsearch? It contains 12 words related to today’s concert.


Musical Maze-hem

Our concert is about to begin, but the LPO trumpeter has lost her trumpet! Can you help her find it in time for the performance?

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