We invite composers to create music to this silent film clip, created by young filmmakers from the BFI Future Film Academy. The silent film is the first video in the playlist (tap the header image on this article).

  • Using this playlist, we invite composers to create music for Where Loyalty Lies, taken from a longer film created by young filmmakers from the BFI’s Future Film Academy. The first video in the playlist is the film extract itself, with the original sound removed so it is completely silent and ready for your music.
  • Where Loyalty Lies is a dark, atmospheric scene in which a young police officer investigates a deserted house, and is troubled by his violent thoughts.
  • The second video in the playlist features guidance from film composer Ruth Chan on how to approach composing for the preceding clip.
  • Subsequent clips are responses created by young composers. We hope you enjoy them!
  • What did you come up with? We would love to hear your compositions, to sync to the films and include in our video playlists. If you would like your music to be featured on the playlists with the film clips, send your compositions (by email or file transfer) as audio files to [email protected] including your name, the names of anyone else playing on your track, your age/school/college if relevant and any comments about your piece you’d like to share

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