Marquee TV: Julian Joseph plays Gershwin



  • Jader Bignamini conductor
  • Julian Joseph piano
  • Anna Lapwood organ

There’s no mistaking how Saint-Saëns’s ‘Organ’ Symphony got its nickname.

Now add the playing of organist Anna Lapwood, the unbounded creativity of Julian Joseph (described by The Stage as ‘the most significant jazz musician this country has produced’) and Joseph’s own improvisatory version of Rhapsody in Blue (played the way Gershwin himself would have played it). Under the charismatic direction of Jader Bignamini, making his LPO debut, the result is a concert that makes favourite classics sound new all over again.

New release coming to Marquee TV on 13 January 2024. The concert will be free to stream for 48 hours and will then be added to the LPO catalogue, available to Marquee TV subscribers.

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